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For the first time in years, I’m glad I’m not home

Do you know what this weekend is? It is the Superbowl. You know how the little “About Me” thing says “Northeast Ohio”? That’s where I am, right this minute. But that’s not home. Home is Michigan. Home is a few miles outside of Detroit. Where the Superbowl is being played in less than 48 hours. Where thousands upon thousands of partying football fans have converged. Usually, I miss home. I get pretty tired of living in hotels. I miss my neighborhood, my city, my state. I even miss Detroit. You really have to live here to understand that. LOL The rest of the country thinks we’re a shithole with nothing to offer. But Detroit is great, and a lot better than Toledo. There’s nothing to DO in Toledo.

But I’m really glad I’m not home this weekend. Our hotel is about 1 block off of one of the main highways that connects Michigan to the south. It was bumper to bumper last night, northbound. Hubby was late to work. It was bumper to bumper this morning, heading north. Hubby got home in record time – southbound lanes were all but empty. The hotel we’re staying at? Booked, solid. And? And doors are banging, slamming, car alarms are going off, and already drunk party-goers are wandering the halls. It is 3:30 in the afternoon for god’s sake. These people are checking in drunk. And how do you think they got here? They drove. They sure as hell didn’t arrive on a bus.

Mind you, this hotel is almost 2 hours away from Detroit. Doesn’t matter – booked solid. God forbid you needed to rent a car in Michigan or NE Ohio this weekend – cars were sold out nearly a year ago.

Based on days off rotations (2 days off every 21 days), my husband was supposed to be off this weekend. He volunteered to work so guys who actually care about the game can be off. Thank God I married a guy who wouldn’t watch a football game if you held a gun to his head. I’d go insane.

Want to know how bad it is? I type extremely fast. EXTREMELY fast. In the time it took me to write this post, I’ve had to get up twice to answer my door and tell someone they had the wrong room.

It’s going to be a long weekend. Maybe I can sleep Sunday while they’re all at the game? Unless -gasp- they decide to sit in their warm hotel rooms and watch the game on TV? Please, don’t let it be so. Oh, and by the way? We’re about to get hit with a nice nasty ice and snow storm. 6 inches. I’m staying off the roads, I only wish my husband could as well. Thousands of people on the roads, drinking, and having no clue how to handle icy roads. Lovely.

Anyone far away from Detroit want a visitor for the weekend? LOL


February 3, 2006 - Posted by | General

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