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Amazing how fast a week can pass

I just realized it has been a week since I’ve blogged anything.  Blame it on the hubby – he has been home most of this week as he is transitioning into his new job.  He “officially” starts at 8 AM tomorrow morning. 

It has been an eventful week – and yes, I know, I’ve got a dozen or more emails to answer!  I’ll do my best to get to them this weekend.  I’ve been driving around most every day looking at rental houses so we can finally get out of hotels.  The more I look, the more I become convinced that I need to swallow my fears and just buy a house.  The rentals leave much to be desired.  Have I mentioned that I am extremely picky?

So this is just a short note to say “I’m alive and I will have more to say in a few days!”

Hopefully I’ll have some good news on the house hunting front and maybe on the family hunting front as well. 


February 23, 2006 - Posted by | General

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  1. I was thinking I needed to make sure that you were okay. I have been busier than usual this week too. Glad to see you’re okay!



    Comment by Cookie | February 24, 2006 | Reply

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