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Welcome to the new digs

I am such a follower. LOL  Seems several people I know are migrating over to these WordPress blogs.  Since I love WP and use it quite often as a CMS for websites, it seemed silly to not give their new blogging server a try.  I’m pleased, very pleased (other than not being able to edit my template myself, but WP says they are working on that).  I’m quite impressed with the quality templates they’re offering and absolutely love the sidebar widgets.  I’m thinking the developers may be able to create header and footer widgets in the near future, which would be a good alternative to full template access.

In case you didn’t know, WordPress is what powers the Soul of Adoption website.  Neat, huh?  Of course, that version is completely customized because as the server owner, I have full code access.  That’s not the case with these hosted blogs, but I’m content.

I’ll add a redirect on my blogger.com blog and start sending people here.  I’m pretty happy with the format WP is offering and, of course, it has one of my favorite features – categories.  Something blogger has long been needing.  I do prefer blogger’s open templates and the fact that you code your links yourself, but that’s a “me” thing and I realize that for most people, the method WP uses for adding links is much more functional.  I’m not complaining, it didn’t take me long to move my links over.

Of course, WP also offers the very cool “static pages” feature.  That’s always a nice bonus, and being able to have pages in addition to posts comes in really handy. 

So anyway, here I am, settling in to the new digs.  Don’t forget to update your bookmarks.  You don’t want to miss anything. 



April 3, 2006 Posted by | Geek Stuff | 3 Comments