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Legacy of an adopted child – Part III

I haven’t written on this blog in a very long time.  Adoption burn out, in a major way – I had to walk or lose my sanity, and that sort of sums things up.

I was cleaning out my inbox today and noticed a lot of comments had been generated lately.  Turns out most of them were spam.  But one, in particular, was not – and is probably the most important comment ever left on my blog.  It is the comment left on this post – Legacy of an adopted child – in March of this year.  I’m angry at myself that I did not pay close enough attention to have seen Penny’s comment when she made it.  She has possibly thought to herself, “just great, another person who won’t believe me.”

Well Penny, actually, I do believe you.  I was always a bit uncomfortable with the claim someone named Lisa had written the poem – because while my short-term memory sucks, I was always sure the author’s name had been something like Peggy or Patty.  And “Penny” is like “Peggy” or “Patty.”  Lisa is not.

I’ve written an email to Penny this morning, one I hope she receives.  I’ve offered to help her prove that poem is hers, and damn if I’m not going to do that.  The author of that poem deserves to be acknowledged, she deserves the thanks of millions of adoptees who have identified with her poem.  And to be blunt, she deserves financial remuneration for all the times her words have been used for-profit.

Ladies and gents, you can help with this endeavor.  I’m asking anyone who has access to “TEEN” magazine from the late 1970’s through 1989 to please pour through the “Poetry Corner” pages of the magazine and look for this poem.  It IS in there – I carried the cut-out from the magazine around with me for years.  Maybe there are some “TEEN” magazines in your basement, maybe you work in a library that has them in the archives, or maybe you worked for the publisher and know where archived copies of those magazines remain.

Maybe you lived and worked in the Indianapolis area back then and remember a young teenage girl wining a poetry contest with this poem.  Maybe you remember seeing something about it in the local paper.

Whatever the case, speak up – do some digging – let’s FINALLY put this mystery to rest once and for all.

And let’s make sure the real author of this poem finally gets the recognition due.  This is just too important to let go.


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