The whole kit & doodle!

“It’s a girl!”

From an email my sister R sent me this morning – “I talked to mom’s sister Aunt J**** and she agreed that you should come for the reunion which is the weekend of June 11 she is going to talk to the aunts and let them in on what has been going on in regards to the new addition to the family, I told her we should send out birth announcements “It’s a Girl” but she told me I had a weird sense of humor…. I don’t think so, do you?”

Why no, R, I don’t think you have a weird sense of humor – I think you have MY sense of humor. Or I have yours. Laughing10

I’m still sitting here snickering about the whole thing. I find it so funny that my sister would say the exact same thing I would say in that situation. Nature vs nurture indeed. LOL

In other news, our sister S’s husband was in the hospital at the end of last week. This is the sister I haven’t “met” yet. R gave me her email address today in case I want to send them an e-card, something I would really like to do. When R first told me what happened last week, I asked her to tell S and her husband that they were in my thoughts. On my end, it doesn’t matter that S and I haven’t talked – I know she is my sister and some primal (?) part of me reacts to the fact that my sister is having a problem. I want to fix it, which I know I can’t. So, failing that, I at least want to support her. At the same time, I don’t want to intrude, you know? R doesn’t seem to think I would be intruding, but we’ll see.

R and I continue to get along extremely well. We talk via email or phone pretty much every day. When we get on the phone, we’re on it for hours. Usually her husband is home and I’ve come to know him through stuff R passes back and forth as we’re talking. I can usually hear him really well in the background and he just chimes in during our talks. Mine does the same, when he’s home. It’s nice! He clearly loves my sister which makes me extremely happy. I get a HUGE kick out of the fact that her hubby and mine have the same name. LOL

I dream about them (my siblings) a lot, now. Because I have names and faces, they seem to show up with greater frequency with each passing day. It’s kind of like, well, do you know how it is when you’re first dating someone? They don’t really enter your dreams much, though you might have an “adult” dream in which they’re featured. LOL But they aren’t “part of the scenery” yet. Almost as if you’re surprised to see them there. Then, after a while, just as they become part of the scenery of your life – there everyday, not such a surprise – so too do they become part of the scenery of your dreams. You “expect” them to show up. You “expect” that if you’re dreaming, they’re going to show up in the story line. Well, that’s where things are with my sisters – R in particular. She’s part of the scenery of my life and my dreams. Now, considering I’ve only “known” her for what – a little over two weeks? That’s a surprise. But just as it is with my husband, it is as if she has always been there. I’m not surprised to find her in my dreams, she belongs there just as she belongs in the scenery of my life. How sad that it has taken 35 years for that to happen.

 Edited to add:  I just got another email from R.  The last line, gotta love it –

"And the reason that we clicked is that we are like twins that were born two years apart, you just needed to cook longer."

I wrote her back and said  "Hahahaha!! Yeah, it is like that, isn't it? Except it was THREE years dear sister, not two. LOL Don't make me any older than I already am, damnit. -snicker-"

Yup, that's my sister – and I'm stickin' to her. 


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